How To Clean Your Car Quickly

You have decided to sell your vehicle on your own and you just received a call from someone who is interested in taking a closer look. The problem is that you haven't had time to clean your vehicle yet. You don't want to show someone a dirty vehicle. This can decrease the value of your vehicle by quite a bit. Rest assured, we here at Motorcars of Kalamazoo have some tried and true tips for quickly cleaning your vehicle. 

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When the Weather Changes, it is Good to Know Which Tire is Best

As the weather changes, how you need your vehicle's tires to respond to your driving patterns can change as well. Understanding this eventuality is why dealerships encourage their customers to learn all that they can about their vehicle purchase. As winter transitions into spring, having a good knowledge of the differences between summer and all-weather tires can make a difference in your driving experience.

Summer tires function better during warmer weather. Because they are made stiffer and exhibit less friction, they provide better fuel economy when it's hot. 

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The Value of a Backup Camera

If you want to optimize the safety of your vehicle, you definitely want to consider one with a backup camera. A backup camera is also known as a reversing camera. A backup camera transmits a wide angle video of the area behind your vehicle when you operate the vehicle in reverse. The video is transmitted to a screen located on the dashboard.

With a backup camera, a motorist is less apt to have any type of collision or accident when operating a vehicle in reverse. This includes both collisions with objects as well as with pedestrians. 

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A Vehicle History Report Can Answer Your Questions

If you're shopping for your next used car in Kalamazoo, you may want to find out more about the history of the vehicle you're considering. After all, maintenance and service can make quite a bit of difference in the future quality and reliability of a car.

A vehicle history report can give you the information you need to know. Based on the car's unique vehicle identification number or VIN, you can get information about the ownership history of the car, the type of title it carries and the records of any accidents in which it was involved…

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What Makes the Difference Between Towing vs. Payload Capacity?

Know the difference between towing vs. payload in new trucks? The team at Motorcars of Kalamazoo want to pass on this information to help with any confusion. 

The payload capacity in a new truck means anything that is either in the cab or bed, and ranges from carrying an extra passenger to hauling a bed full of topsoil. Many people get this confused with what is being dragged behind when towing, so to keep it simple, payload goes in the bed or cab. 

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What are the Types of Ignition Systems?

Back when cars and their internal combustion engines were new, the engine started with an assist from you — the driver. Using a hand crank, the driver or an assistant provided the spark needed to start an engine by running magnets past each other to create the current. Since that time, the ignition systems in cars have improved. 

There are three types of ignition systems. The conventional ignition system consists of points, a distributor, and an external coil. The electronic ignition system is currently the most common ignition system on vehicles. 

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Spring Maintenance - What Your Vehicle Needs

Spring often means spring cleaning in the home and yard. Your vehicle needs the same type of spring cleaning, especially after a cold season where auto maintenance took a back seat. Stop at the automotive service department at Motorcars of Kalamazoo and talk with our professionals about your vehicle's needs.

Not everyone’s vehicle needs the same type of maintenance. Some frequently drive in the winter, while others drive daily. If you read your owner’s manual, you’ll find most of the information you need regarding auto maintenance and the frequency in which it should be performed. 

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How to Read Tire Sizes

Every tire has a string of numbers and letters that mean different things in terms of load capacity, rating, tire type, wheel size, and wheel diameter. The P in the beginning of the string stands for the tire's rating as a passenger vehicle. The next three numbers stand for the tire width. This means that if the tire is a P200, then it means the tire width is 200 millimeters. The numbers after the first backslash stand for the aspect ratio, and the R stands for Radial.

The next numbers stand for wheel diameter. This means that a wheel…

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An Exhaust Leak is a Safety Concern

It’s essential to the safe operation of your vehicle that your exhaust system remains in the top-most condition. The main purpose of the exhaust system is to allow harmful gases to move away from the engine and the interior of your vehicle. If an exhaust leak occurs, it can not only become a safety concern for you and your passengers, but it can also decrease the performance of your vehicle.

Therefore, as a driver in Kalamazoo, you want to know the indicators for determining when your exhaust system has become weakened. 

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Hydroplaning Will Not Happen If You Follow These Steps

If you are driving in an area that has heavy rainfall, then you need to plan accordingly to prevent your vehicle from hydroplaning. If you do not take steps to allow for the reduced traction on your tires because of the water, then chances are you might get into a very serious accident. Don't let this happen! Here are some tips to help you out.

Reduce your speed at the first sign of heavy rainfall on the roads. As you approach the water, gradually slow down. 

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